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We design and manufacture complete composite solutions for aviation, aerospace, commercial transportation, information technology, and other industries. Our goal is to provide our customers with the most simple and efficient solutions, achieving the program mission on-time and on-budget.


Our Specialties

Design Engineering

Top quality designs from our engineers to meet customers unique needs.

Aerospace & Defense

Hi-tech solutions for structures, environmental and mechanical systems, high performance radomes, aircraft radome, radome antenna and more.


Engineering and building structures suited specifically for space.


Aerodynamic and weight saving solutions for tractor and trailer businesses, as well as fleet owners.


Pushing technology to produce unique and innovative products.

Quality. Innovation. Excellence.

A continuation of the long sequence of outstanding, excellent, versatile and powerful products you have come to expect. Our inventory of past work is a testament to dedication to quality merchandise.

The AdamWorks Quality System - AdamWorks Production Inspection and Delivery System (APIDS), is certified to ISO 9001:2008.


sensor pods

Some firms declare they have both engineering and manufacturing capabilities. AdamWorks is the only company, we found, that truly has depth in both areas.


– Multi-billion dollar aerospace and defense company


There simply wasn't anyone other than AdamWorks
who could design, tool, and deliver our product in the timeframe and budget we had.

AdamWorks Inc

– Multi-billion dollar aerospace and defense company

Proudly Serving Our Customers

We provide radomes, radome antenna, aircraft radome